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omega nasa watches TV spot welcomes golf back to the Olympic Games

omega nasa watches,No one alive today can remember the last time an Olympic Games included golf among its sports. In fact, it only happened twice, once in 1900 and the second and final time four years later. Golf will be reintroduced as an Olympic discipline at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

OMEGA, known both for its role as Official Olympic Timekeeper and as a leading supporter of international golf, has created a television commercial to welcome the sport back to the Olympic Games.

To mark the event, Omega is launching a watch produced in small series for just 2010 pieces.
This magnificent watch comes with a white lacquered dial contrasting with the aluminum ring in red. The hands and indices are covered with translucent white superluminova which projects into the darkness of bluish. It is also a professional diver’s watch with specific attributes, including a unidirectional ring, a helium escape valve and water resistance to 300 meters deep.

The spot features Spanish golf star Sergio Garcia teeing off from the golf course in Crans-Montana which hosts the omega speedmaster professional x-33 watches European Masters each year. The ball’s progress is followed across Europe and across the ocean as astonished observers look up to see it flying over their heads. The ball reaches South America and lands on a green in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where it roles into the cup.

The on-screen tagline says, “After more than a century golf returns to the Olympic Games” and closes with OMEGA’s famous logo.

OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart talked about the importance of Olympic Games golf to his brand. “We are thrilled that golf will be included as an Olympic sport,” he said. “It is long overdue. All of us are looking forward to introducing our friends from the international golfing world to the Olympic community. This TV commercial is a creative way to bring two of mens omega watches‘s great sporting passions together.”


A Brief Glance Into The History Of Seiko Watches

Japan is thought to start copy western technology after WWII and applied it in their own technology. This thought might be true, however there is a fact that need to be considered. In 1881, a jewelry shop was openned in Tokyo by Kintaro Hattori and clocks started to be produced in 1892 under the brand name of Seikosha.


This was the start of what is today the Seiko Group, consisting of ‘Seiko Corporation’, ‘Seiko Instruments Inc’ and the ‘Seiko Epson Corporation’.


Today, Seiko Corporation produces among other things: watches, glasses, jewelery, semiconductors, precision instruments, safety razors etc…


A few milestones of Seiko watchmaking are:

1895, start of the production of pocket watches.

1913, first wristwatches for the Japanese market.

1924, first wristwatches with the brand ‘Seiko’.

1955, production of automatic winding watches for Japanese market starts.

1963, introduction of the first quartz driven portable stopwatch.

1969, production of the first quartz wristwatch.

1973, first LCD quartz wristwatch.

1988, first quartz driven watch powered by automatic generators.

1997, Seiko introduces the ‘Kinetic’ driven quartz system.

2005, Seiko introduces ‘Spring Drive’, a mechanical automatic watch with quartz regulation.


In October 2008, Richard Garriott, a well known video game designer and adventurer, was the sixth private space explorer in history visiting the International Space Station, wearing a special designed Seiko watch, the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk. Unfortunately the planned spacewalk did not take place. But the watch was used in the Space Station.


However, the first automatic watch known to be used in space was also a Seiko, the 6139-6002. It was the astronaut William R. Pogue who took this watch to Skylab 4 in 1974. As his private watch. Astronauts are allowed to take some private stuff with them into space and a lot of them use their own watches next to the official provided watches by NASA.


As you can see, Seiko has been very innovative and uses new technology to improve their products.


Today Seiko produces watches, ranging from good quality affordable mechanical watches (Seiko 5), quartz driven watches, divers, dress watches, sports watches, etc.. up to the luxury ‘Grand Seiko’ with Spring Drive technology.


Do you like to have one? Look at eBay and use the search engines on the internet. You will not be disappointed.


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Making Friends With Second-hand Watches

At present, if you make an investigation, you will find that many people would like to buy the second-hand watches, especially the rich. And you can see the market transaction of used watches has come back.

Some people want to buy a famous and durable watch. However, they can’t afford it as it is too expensive for them. As a result, the market transaction of second-hand watches can satisfy them, because many kinds of used watches are waiting for them. If we go into the market, what surprises us is that some watches look quite new. Why? Because some people just “play” with watches. In fact, they don’t use them for time but just for fashion. When the watch is outdated, they may sell it out and buy another new one. On the other hand, people who buy the used ones don’t care about their fashion but their inside machine parts. So they can buy a watch of high cost performance and save some money.

Value of collecting
Some merchants’ hobbies are collecting watches. In their opinions, these watches have the potential of increment soon after they are bought in a low price. And the more famous the brand of watch is, the more potential of increment it has, and the more value it has. Nowadays the increment of well-known watches can range from 5 percent to 15 percent per year in the world. So people regard it as an investment of financing.

What tips of collecting second-hand watches should we have? Which kind of watch should be invested? For example, we can invest the antique watches which have special historical and technical value, the luxurious ones which are designed as jewellery, and the vogue ones. Besides, the ones which have special shapes as well as long history are worth collecting.

In a word, the second-hand watches have their own value. Why not go to buy or collect one?