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2009 Jiaxing Clothing & Accessories Exhibition And Oem (oem) Trade Show – Apparel, Women –

Start time: 2009-11-27 End time: 2009-11-29 Venue: Jiaxing International Convention and Exhibition Center (new meteorological Road, No. 618)

Contact: Mr. Jiang Contact Phone: (0573) 82098022 (Switchboard) 82095718 (direct)
Sponsored by: Jiaxing Economic and Trade Commission
Sponsor: Innovation Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Jiaxing
HC Apparel Network Jiaxing is located in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo and other cities in the heart of east central, railway, highway, waterway, port range, the Yangtze River Delta’s transportation hub. To Shanghai and Hangzhou, Zhajiasu highway and the application is under construction Kingswood Road, Hang Pu Expressway, Hangzhou Bay Bridge such as the backbone of “three vertical and three horizontal bridges” highway network, and realized Jiaxing surrounding cities, “an hour of traffic,” the fast track, Shanghai? Jiaxing opening of inter-city trains and the future of the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway, Jiaxing and Shanghai will achieve “the same city” and unique location.

cluster Jiaxing in the country’s total textile and garment industry for over 40% share of the “Yangtze River Delta economic circle” in the center, is in production, processing, research, trade as one of the country’s major textile and garment industry base. Has 10 known throughout the country, truly a city of textile and garment industry base, features town: Haining? Chinese leather are, Haining? China’s textile industry base city, Tongxiang Chongfu? Chinese fur town, Pinghu? China’s export garment manufacturing city , Heinisch village? fabric town of China, Haining Ma? China Warp Town, Tongxiang Puyuan? China sweater town, Xiuzhou coach to Hong Kong? China flocking town, Tongxiang marijuana? China Cloth town, Tongxiang Zhouquan? China Chemical Fiber town, a half-hour economic circle in Jiaxing within the 10 textile and garment industry base of existing enterprises more than 30,000.

brand size “2009 China (Jiaxing) Clothing & Accessories Exhibition and OEM (OEM) trade show” is the apparel industry, according to the needs and characteristics may be, close to the business, apparel sectors meet the actual needs will be fully advantage of China’s textile and clothing industry (Jiaxing) Exhibition that has been successfully held the sixth of the exhibition platform of apparel industry base in China, distribution center for exhibitors to provide a “more direct, more professional, more economic, better place, “the trade platform for enterprises to provide a full range of apparel exhibition services for the Chinese apparel company launched products in the domestic and foreign trade, information technology, exchange of matchmaking.

Exhibition stadium
Jiaxing Jiaxing International Convention Center is the region’s only large-scale modern professional exhibition venues are welcome on the city administrative center of the road, transport facilities; its area of 50,000 square meters, construction area of 4 million square meters, of which Pavilion 21,000 square meters, can be arranged 1100 international standard booths; span of 63 meters of the roof membrane, all-glass curtain wall of the wall, magnificent, museum conferences, business, office, leisure and other facilities are complete, more for exhibitors to provide a good environment.

Men’s Accessories to Complement Formal Wear For a Social Occasion

Wearing a suit and tie is most commonly thought of as work attire, but it is also worn for formal social occasions such as weddings, graduation and barmitzvahs. It is important for men to dress appropriately for these different occasions, and accessories play a large part in tweaking the formal look. For example, ties can be worn in big and bold patterns, and cufflinks in sparkly crystal designs for a social event. In addition, there is a different style of dress to be adhered to for social events that is more in keeping with the joyous mood. It is a particular skill in elevating your formal wear beyond a typical ‘day at the office’ to something a bit more special. In this article I will look at how men can use accessories to elevate their formal look.

The most important formal accessory for men is the tie (or bowtie if preferred) as it is the best opportunity to customise formal wear, and demands the most attention. For a formal social occasion, the tie should reflect the mood through colour combinations and tie patterns. Big and bold patterns tend to work best, with large florals being a particularly popular choice for weddings. Spots and paisley ties are more associated with the office environment and should be avoided. Striped ties are very popular for work, as they are regarded as symbolising power and status. They can also work for social occasions, but should be less obvious and a more unusual stripe (variations in stripe thickness).

Men should avoid dark or heavy coloured ties, as they tend to present a more serious and sombre mood. Light coloured ties are fresh and ‘spring-like’ which often match the décor of a wedding. Just think of white lilies, cream linen and marquees. Light coloured ties can be accented with darker patterns. In fact, the contrast of say a lemon yellow against a navy blue gives a wonderfully rich and dramatic look, but the dominant colour should be light. Keep your colour palette simple with only one dominant colour, and avoid very loud ties. Here are some great combinations to try out gold and navy, light blue and purple, pink and navy. Neutral tones such as beige and brown can also work really well.

Try and match the colour of your cufflinks with the colour of your tie. Many designer brands produce matching sets, such as Duchamp-London. It’s also appropriate to wear a cufflink made from semi-precious materials such as mother of pearl (ideal for weddings), onyx and haematite. Simon Carter has a large range of semi precious cufflinks which are decorated with stones including sapphires. These cufflinks have a special flavour, as opposed to an everyday style made from perhaps coloured enamel. For the glitzy and glamorous social events, crystal cufflinks will add that extra bit of bling. Whilst black and white crystal cufflinks is a classic look for a black tie event, multi coloured crystal cufflinks can add a bit of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit. Cufflinks are quite a subtle accessory anyway, so they won’t dominate your look.

Pochettes and dinner scarves are considered old fashioned and a bit over the top by many people. Very few men wear them anymore, so these accessories can act as a bit of a design statement and help you stand out from the crowd. A matching pochette and tie speaks of old fashioned sartorial elegance, a gentleman with a keen eye for detail. It is also another opportunity to inject some life and colour into a suit. Admittedly not for everyone, it takes a man with a real self confidence to wear one. The leather belt should match your more dynamic look, which can be achieved through a more unique buckle such as a plaque or elongated design. Fashionable socks are also an integral part of a lively formal outfit, with stripes being particularly popular. If you can match up colour or pattern in all your different accessories then you are creating a cohesive and dynamic look for a formal social occasion.


Kids Curtain Rods – Simple Accessories for Your Child’s Bedroom

c A space that contains a lot of familiar and kid friendly visually appealing aspects tends to place an emphasis on the comfort factor for the children who use the space. Aside from that, items such as bathing, or going to bed can become easier if specific themed base accessories are incorporated into that space because children relate to the images they see when they go into the room. As such, items like kids curtain rods in particular can play a big role in contributing to this notion.

Kids Curtain Rods – Styles and Designs:

When it comes to these unique and often fun accessories, there are an endless array of styles and designs to choose from. Obviously, the major factor is what kinds of interests the children that will be using the space have. Whether it is a cartoon character, super hero, or simply a love of butterflies; there is usually an option available to cover all of the bases.

Generally, you will find kids curtain rod designs constructed of hollow aluminum of steel tubing; painted in friendly and aesthetically pleasing colors such as different shades of white or lighter versions of any of the primary or secondary colors. In terms of the actual designs of this genre of curtain rods; there are a couple that are fairly dominant. These designs tend to be simple for the most part, exhibiting light humored pictures that are painted or printed onto the outside of the tubing. There are also options where the rod itself is simply a solid colored shaft with themed finial that deliver the specificity of the character the curtain rod is intended to exhibit.


One thing to remember about these curtain bars is that they are meant for light weight drapery sets for smaller windows. As such, it is recommended that you double check the efficiency of the specific curtain rod you are purchasing to avoid any injury down the road. If you have any doubts as to whether or not the rod can hold up the drapery for the window it will be used on; ask an associate or email the retailer to ensure you have all your bases covered.