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Ulysse Nardin Chairman – Luxurious Hybrid Smart Phone

Ulysse Nardin, the Swiss watch manufacturer and SCI Innovations Partner created the world’ s first hybrid luxury smart phone called the Chairman. This new hybrid smart phone is made from the finest materials available and is hand-assembled by some of the world’s best engineers. In addition, the company especially designed a watch, which is embedded in this smart phone design and works as it is battery charger. Thus, this mechanical watch has moving rotor which produces kinetic energy giving strength to mobile phone.

Rose gold & steel Chairman


Ulysse Nardin Hybrid smart phone is very suitable for businessmen


In terms of its features, the Chairman smartphone is introduced to offer pretty impressive specifications including Google AndroidTM mobile phone platform, 3.2″ capacitive touch screen with full on screen QWERTY keyboard and physical numeric keys, fingerprint reader for owner identification and phone lock, 8 megapixel camera, high definition video replay capability, 32 GB internal memory, Ulysse Nardin Rotor (kinetic power system) and Crown (for winding the phone), and so forth.


A clock embedded in this smart phone


Moreover, there is no information available regarding its price. According to Ulysse Nardin, they will sell a limited number of Chairman smart phones in market each year. In brief, Chairman has five gorgeous color combinations including rose gold, rose gold & blue, rose gold & steel, steel & blue and stealth black. 


Stealth black Chairman smartphone


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Top Facebook advertising tips for smart marketers

When investing in Facebook advertising, ensure that you keep close watch on the ad expenses since the expenses can increase drastically and eventually slay the effectiveness of your advertising. Most Facebook advertisers are committing novice’s error that ultimately makes Facebook rich while leaving the marketer financially wrecked! Desist from such mistakes today by implementing these tips below, which would radically improve your Facebook advertising competence.

Test Your Ads Differently
Among the top things to do for any advertiser would be to ensure that the advertisements are as best as possible. Most times, marketers/advertisers embark on a Facebook ad campaign and achieve little results probably with less than $ 200; subsequently, they rashly conclude that all Facebook ad campaigns follow that way. The truth is this; it is possible that your ad campaign was ill-performing as a result of a poorly structured ad. Smart marketers know that testing things out is the best way to realize the best performance or results.
Structure a CTR (Click Through Rate) Threshold
Though certain ads will outperform others, it is not wise to waste funds on advertisements that are performing poorly. Therefore, there is the need to come up with a CTR – Click Through Rate threshold, which would earn approval for your campaign.
Test Your Ads with CPM
Here’s all we are saying: Cost Per Click (CPC) is not for smart marketers but for those who are lazy; it makes you to carry out every test on Facebook landing page. This is a wrong way of getting things done. Test-run your ads on a CPM basis in order to discover the ones that drive the lowest Cost Per Click. It may amaze you to discover that more of lower CPCs would be the outcome than if you had used a CPC bidding model. When you use a CPM model, you will be able to know the best performing ads, which would potentially offer you the best opportunity to keep your ad campaign cost as low as possible.
Keep Track of Your Campaigns Closely
If you observe closely, at the very instance you start running Facebook ad campaigns, the performance will suffer degradation with the passage of time. The reason is this – what it costs to reach every successive user on Facebook rises incrementally. Putting it differently, the initial persons that click on an ad eventually seem to be the ones that respond highly to ads generally. As you succeed in getting through to this initial wave of individuals, a rise in the cost of reaching the subsequent group is experienced. Therefore, there is need to keep close track of your daily CTR.
Test Performance on a Different note
Most times it is discovered that an ad would produce better result at different times of the day. Although Facebook does not make provision for marketers to choose a particular time of the day to run their ads, you can manually turn on/off your ads in order to assess the best performing times. But bear in mind that this involves very close monitoring.

Tourbillon: the smart of human intelligence

It’s the achievement of human intelligence! Like when the apple fell down and pounded on Newton’s head, then he study the reason and put forward the gravity. Nowaday the smart craftsmen according this philosophy created the Toubillon watch! Which is against the gravity! From the moment it face to the world, it was destined as one miracle in the watch industry.

Tourbillon can be divided three classes( into three categories) by different dynamics of rotation:

1. the initial appearance of Tourbillon

At first the Tourbillon was made up(composed of) by the “rotating frame” and “fixation” two basic components, “balance cock” subsidiary in the rotating frame, rotating together with the flywheel.

2. flywheel framework for flight suspension

In 1927, Alfred Helwig in Germany produced a “flying tourbillon” model, this structure is not a “fixation” component, and eliminating the horizontal frame on flywheel, the whole rotating frame is suspended up which improve the mystery and dynamic artistic beauty when the Tourbillon running.

3. The mysterious art of spin

In 1993, the Chinese DaYu Jiao successfully invented the “magic Tourbillon” by himself in Hong Kong. The two reasons it was known as the “miracle”: First, the traditional “rotating frame” and “fixation” does not exist; At least reduce half weight of the flywheel, enhance shockproof performance. Second, the use of transparent glass instead of the original metal balance wheel splint, and it will not rotation with the flywheel, which seems even more mysterious when in operation, greatly improving the dynamic art of tourbillon.
 New innovative

In 2007 Basel and Geneva two Jewellery Watch Fair, much more brands launched the tourbillon watches than usual, in addition to traditional styles, but also adding new elements, so makes tourbillon more special.

Omega De Ville Tourbillon coaxial chronometer watch:

Unique dial design, put more modern innovative into the traditional Tourbillon; Tourbillon in the central watches runs rotation per minute, its tourbillon device called the most high-profile technical performance in major brands.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB Tourbillon concept watch:

This Tourbillon used the new 988C movement, can withstand extreme temperatures from minus 40 ℃ to zero 60 ℃, without lubricating oil it can also work smoothly every year; with automatic winding tourbillon device, and the date point can skip the tourbillon device when shows No. 15 and 16; movement with the chain axis are equiped in case, there are not any metal cantact point in the case between each metal section, so when the watch suffering external shocks can not be affected. So it is the most representative technology watch of Jaeger-LeCoultre, it is the philosophy and courage symbol of Jaeger-LeCoultre pursuit of the perfect mechanical watches characterization.

Cartier complex functions watch:

We know much models about Cartier watches, such as the Cartier Tank Francaise Watches, or Cartier Must 21 Watches, or Cartier Pasha C Watches and so on. Most of them have its special function, but now we talked about its tourbillon watch. This model embodies the craftsmanship but complex function Cartier watch is only limited to 10, now has sold out. It changed the common tourbillon device’s place in the 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock to in the 9 o’clock position. Tourbillon, perpetual calendar, single-button chronograph and power reserve display for 8 days and other precision components are harmony as one, which is amazing.

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