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2009 Jiaxing Clothing & Accessories Exhibition And Oem (oem) Trade Show – Apparel, Women –

Start time: 2009-11-27 End time: 2009-11-29 Venue: Jiaxing International Convention and Exhibition Center (new meteorological Road, No. 618)

Contact: Mr. Jiang Contact Phone: (0573) 82098022 (Switchboard) 82095718 (direct)
Sponsored by: Jiaxing Economic and Trade Commission
Sponsor: Innovation Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Jiaxing
HC Apparel Network Jiaxing is located in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo and other cities in the heart of east central, railway, highway, waterway, port range, the Yangtze River Delta’s transportation hub. To Shanghai and Hangzhou, Zhajiasu highway and the application is under construction Kingswood Road, Hang Pu Expressway, Hangzhou Bay Bridge such as the backbone of “three vertical and three horizontal bridges” highway network, and realized Jiaxing surrounding cities, “an hour of traffic,” the fast track, Shanghai? Jiaxing opening of inter-city trains and the future of the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway, Jiaxing and Shanghai will achieve “the same city” and unique location.

cluster Jiaxing in the country’s total textile and garment industry for over 40% share of the “Yangtze River Delta economic circle” in the center, is in production, processing, research, trade as one of the country’s major textile and garment industry base. Has 10 known throughout the country, truly a city of textile and garment industry base, features town: Haining? Chinese leather are, Haining? China’s textile industry base city, Tongxiang Chongfu? Chinese fur town, Pinghu? China’s export garment manufacturing city , Heinisch village? fabric town of China, Haining Ma? China Warp Town, Tongxiang Puyuan? China sweater town, Xiuzhou coach to Hong Kong? China flocking town, Tongxiang marijuana? China Cloth town, Tongxiang Zhouquan? China Chemical Fiber town, a half-hour economic circle in Jiaxing within the 10 textile and garment industry base of existing enterprises more than 30,000.

brand size “2009 China (Jiaxing) Clothing & Accessories Exhibition and OEM (OEM) trade show” is the apparel industry, according to the needs and characteristics may be, close to the business, apparel sectors meet the actual needs will be fully advantage of China’s textile and clothing industry (Jiaxing) Exhibition that has been successfully held the sixth of the exhibition platform of apparel industry base in China, distribution center for exhibitors to provide a “more direct, more professional, more economic, better place, “the trade platform for enterprises to provide a full range of apparel exhibition services for the Chinese apparel company launched products in the domestic and foreign trade, information technology, exchange of matchmaking.

Exhibition stadium
Jiaxing Jiaxing International Convention Center is the region’s only large-scale modern professional exhibition venues are welcome on the city administrative center of the road, transport facilities; its area of 50,000 square meters, construction area of 4 million square meters, of which Pavilion 21,000 square meters, can be arranged 1100 international standard booths; span of 63 meters of the roof membrane, all-glass curtain wall of the wall, magnificent, museum conferences, business, office, leisure and other facilities are complete, more for exhibitors to provide a good environment.

Women Require Bath Accessory Sets

What do women want? Men have been asking this question for thousands of years and, to tell you the truth, women aren’t entirely sure of what they want, either. However, one thing all women want from their men is gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. However, women don’t always want to actually tell their men what exact gift to buy. They are testing you to see how well you know them. Pass the test by getting her bath accessory sets.

What are They?

In case you are not familiar with the term “bath accessory sets”, don’t be proud and not admit it. Bath accessory sets are a variety set of what you will find either in a bathroom or in a trial-size set for travel. This doesn’t mean you bring home a new toilet (it will pretty obvious when you need a new toilet.) This means you get all the little extras that help make a common bathroom a more luxurious place to get naked in.

Pay attention to what’s in the bath accessory set before you buy it. Don’t just assume that one size fits all. Bath accessory sets can range from toiletry sets to little furnishing sets. Things you would find in toiletry-centered bath accessory sets include cosmetics, towels, sponges, facial exfoliators, moisturizers, soap, perfume, bath oil, bath beads and bath gel.

The other kind of bath accessory sets are bigger and less portable, but can help to make your woman’s bathroom look nicer. They include matched sets of tissue box cases, waste baskets, soap dishes and toothbrush holders. You will want to pay attention to what is actually in your woman’s bathroom. She might not need another toothbrush holder if she already has several surrounding the sink. If she lives alone, you might wonder why there are so many other toothbrushes there. Then again, you might not want to wonder.

Where can You Get Them?

Bath accessory sets of both kinds can be found in real world stores like department stores, home improvement stores, bed and bath supply shops and sometimes pharmacies. They are also easily available online from specialty shops or the online equivalent of the real world stores you can’t be bothered to get your lazy butt off to.

Worse comes to worse, go to Victoria’s Secret. Pry yourself away from the pictures of models in skimpy underwear. They also have a bath accessory set section of luxurious products like body lotion, candles and bubble bath that may go well with a lingerie purchase. That way, if you get the stuff smashed over your head, at least it will feel and smell good.


Women of Rodeo in the 1800’s

Most women of the 1800’s learned to ride out of necessity from helping on the ranch and practicing the skills of the range. From an early age, women could stay in the saddle, break a bronc and rope a steer.

In the late 1800’s, the younger horsewomen began competing against males in a yearly gathering of herds -which progressed into participating in rodeos. The first rodeos began in the mid-1800 when thousands of cattle and horses were driven to town for the yearly round-up. The cowboys were eager for relaxation and would compete in tests of skills like roping, breaking horses, branding cattle and racing.

Women of the 1800s, however, were not recognized in the arena until 1885. The most famous cowgirl was Phoebe Ann Moses or Annie Oakley. Here are two stories of women who also helped start the movement of women in Rodeo’s (Stories are from the book “Daughters of the West” by Anne Seagraves.)

In 1897, Bertha Kaelpernick Blancett rode over 100 miles to enter a horse race in Cheyenne’s Frontier Days and she was allowed to enter only because the arena was so muddy the cowboys refused to participate. Bertha was coerced into riding a bucking horse to keep the crowd from leaving. Once upon the animal, the petite girl had the ride of her life. Part of the time the horse was up in the air on his hind feet and once he fell backwards, but gutsy Bertha skillfully slid to his side and hung on. Although it was said at that time, that Bertha was a terrible bucker, she had managed to remain in the saddle, putting the cowboys to shame.

Later in 1904 Bertha became a star performer in Claude William’s show and was a four time winner in Roman Racing at Pendleton. Bertha rode under men’s rules, was seldom defeated and often beat such cowboys as Ben Corbett and Hoot Gibson.

Four years later Prairie Rose Henderson, an exuberant and talented daughter of a Wyoming rancher, rode to Cheyenne to enter a bronc busting contest. When the lady arrived, she was told, much to her chagrin that women were not permitted to ride. When Rose demanded to see the rules, she found there was no clause forbidding women to compete, and the officials were forced to let her participate. Her entrance into the arena created a sensation. Women had always been spectators, not competitors, and Miss Henderson was a colorful person. She came dashing out of the chute hanging on with all her strength and promptly lost the race. Prairie Rose, however, was really a winner, for she had opened the door to rodeo for other women to follow.

Later, Rose went on to victory in other rodeos and became one of the most flamboyant cowgirls of her era. In 1918, she entered the Gordon Nebraska rodeo wearing ostrich plumes over her bloomers and a blouse covered with bright sequins she had carefully sewn herself.

Rose eventually married a rancher and one cloudy day in 1932, Rose rode off to her last competition. This time, she faced her greatest fear, a storm, and lost her life during a blizzard. Prairie Rose’s body was discovered nine years later and identified only by her champion belt buckle.